Web Development

Web Development
Each project is unique and has its own needs and requirements. Large-scale projects are created by professionals. Dokia Communication team works as a Swiss clock.
It is not Washington DC. As professionals, we carefully design, test and launch websites following a step-by-step plan called Website Development Cycle.
Development Methodology
There are multiple methodologies used in this area like Agile or JAD. We work based on its, but we also have our own version to develop your projects.
Web Hosting Consulting
To choose a suitable web hosting for your website could be one of the most significant decision you make. Never use a free web hosting provider for a business website.

Our Brief Statement

Dokia Communication. Our services help your business to develop and grow a competitive presence in the INTERNET WORLDWIDE. We offer website design, graphic design, web development, integrated marketing, multimedia and search engine optimisation professional services.