Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Invest in the quality of your website

Create a better experience for all of your INTERNATIONAL visitors
optimizing your website for different languages and countries

Content Services
We start to analyze your website's existing content, we deliver a complete report and we provide recommendations for a new, fresh, and unique content. Or we can create new pages for you.
Local SEO
Today search engines are the primary channel for finding information on the Internet. With us, you can get a really good SEO services for your local audience.
SEO Audit
An audit of your website is the first step in the SEO strategy process. We will test every page of your website and we'll deliver you our complete checked list.
SEO Consulting
We can provide search engine optimization consulting services to ensure that your website reaches its Internet marketing goals. Our consulting services are tailored to your exact needs.

Our Brief Statement

Dokia Communication. Our services help your business to develop and grow a competitive presence in the INTERNET WORLDWIDE. We offer website design, graphic design, web development, integrated marketing, multimedia and search engine optimisation professional services.