dokiaIt says that King Decebalus had a sister (or a daughter) called Dochia (Dokia). She was young, beautiful and very brave. After Emperor Trajan conquered Dacia he wished to marry her. He said: ” I saw you Dochia, I saw how much courage you had and how you defend your fortress from Sarmisegetusa. I want to come with me to Rome. You’ll live there in riches and honor. But Dochia didn’t want to leave her land. At midnight, Dochia disguised as a shepherdess and she ran out of fortress Dacia. Emperor Trajan sent soldiers to find her. When Dochia saw soldiers she prayed to her God – Zalmoxis – to transform her in the rock. God heard her prayer and turned her into a rock. It says that this rock is visible today in Ceahlau, a wonderful mountain from Romania. There are many stories about Dochia in Romanian mythology. You can read more about Legend of Dochia by accessing the wonderful online library Wikipedia.


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